Allotment Progress

It was a full day on the allotment. A whole new shed roof has been installed – something I’m rather proud of – which means we now have a dry shed. Wigwams have been prepared for runner beans. Potatoes and onions are now in the ground. Dwarf beans have been moved to a make-shift cold frame – they’re too big to stay in pots, but it’s way too early for them to be planted out fully as we’re still getting frosts. A few more wooden borders acquired, but I still need pegs to firm them in the ground. One of our most productive days yet. Oh, and if you’re wondering – those eggs are from the chickens on the plot opposite ours. The big egg was produced by a hen called Thumper.

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  1. Looking good, mate. What are your plans for each of the sections? Is everything going into a rotation system, or will you have perennial fruit bushes in that narrow section leading down from the gate?

  2. Well, to be honest, we’re probably not going to rotate just yet – the soil structure we inherited wasn’t great. What I want to do is get stacks of proper manure, dig it all in, and let nature do its thing for a bit. And then we can commence proper rotation. But yes, the perennial fruit bushes will remain where they are – we can sow some salad crops in between to make use of the space. Hopefully, in that sunny spot, we’ll get some decent fruit – and it’ll be a nice visual treat as you enter the allotment and walk along the path to the (newly roofed!) shed.