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Weekend Allotment Updates

A miserable, wet and cold day on the allotment. But we managed to plant a Victoria plum tree in a newly cleared area behind the shed. Once we get rid of the rest of the weeds – hence the black plastic sheets that you can see – burn down a lot of the branches and clippings we’ve piled up, we’ll aim to plant a few more trees and turn that area into something of a mini orchard, with wildflowers, grass and so on.

Lots of clipping, trimming, weeding and other bits done today, which probably can’t be seen on this photo, but have made the rest of the site look a lot neater. I’ve also dug in some organic manure into some of the beds, as the soil quality we inherited was incredibly poor. Another few weeks and the place will be looking half decent.

By Mark Newton

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I wonder if I should get started on my garden. I’m tempted not to, since half the garden bed is already colonized by a marauding raspberry bush, and the other half seems resistant to growing anything but tomatoes.

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