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Drakenfeld Review Copies – A Call to New Bloggers


UPDATE: All proof copies have now been claimed! I’m completely out. BUT. Drop me a line around the end of September and I may well have a couple of extra hardcopies…

Advance reading copies for Drakenfeld have been printed! And no doubt they’ll be going out to reviewers and bloggers pretty soon. All good. All exciting.

But, I’ve always thought it’s pretty frustrating for those new bloggers to actually get their hands on review copies, trying to build up a catalogue of posts so that publishers will take notice enough to get you on their mailing lists. At the same time, I’m also a fan of supporting new blogs, new reviewers. It’s pretty healthy from time to time to spread the love a little; to get some new blood talking about books and to freshen up debate.

So I actually asked for some extra proof copies of Drakenfeld to be printed.

Here’s the deal. If you’re a relatively new blogger and fancy giving Drakenfeld a read, drop me a line about your blog and I’ll send you a copy. I’ll include your review – even if you hate the book – on a round-up of reviews. Maybe I can persuade my publisher to at least tweet it too.

I’ve only got a dozen or so extra copies spare for this purpose, so if you’re a new genre reviewer and you want a copy of Drakenfeld, you know what to do. Likewise if you’re an established blogger, please do give this post a tweet to this so that other bloggers can find out about it.

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Just saw this, really cool that you got extra review copies printed for start up bloggers. (Doesn’t hurt that they are way more likely to review your book either)

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