Westbury Court

Bees in the herb garden
The oldest holm oak in England
A rare Dutch water garden, in the West Country. That oak tree at the bottom is the oldest evergreen oak in England.

Also seen this weekend, but not pictured, were several wild boar piglets rooting around the forest floor – the first time I’ve seen them. Interestingly they have a profound effect on our forests, and improve the ecosystem immensely.

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  1. There was a great programme on BBC4 not long ago called Tales from the Wildwood, about a guy who went out to manage an area of woodland for a year. He had a problem with bracken and used a couple of pigs to clear it as well. It’s a shame we don’t have that ecological niche filled in more areas.

  2. That tree… The Idefix part of me is jumping up and down and round around that tree!

  3. I know – bracken is a horrible thing and the boars really do a cracking job.