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New Luxury Edition of The Reef

Jurassic London are proud to announce a new luxury edition of Mark Charan Newton’s debut novel, The Reef.

First published in 2008 by Pendragon Press, The Reef is a tale of Weird pulp adventure, packed with mad science, swashbuckling heroes and monsters on an epic scale… To give the book the unique feel that it deserves, the art for the new edition will be provided by Philippa Rice (St Colin and the Dragon, Recylost, My Cardboard Life).

The Reef will be edited with the author’s preferred text and released in an edition of 75 signed and numbered hardcover copies, with the proceeds going to Marine Conservation UK.

More details here, but this promises to be a really cool venture with a great artist. And it’s all for charity!

Also, I’m glad to be able to essentially rewrite the book, to iron out problems and bring the prose up-to-date with the learnings of a more established novelist (that’s me).

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.