From the Future with Love

This short film is about ten minutes long – I’m amazed at the quality of CGI coming from relatively low-budget quarters these days.

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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Me too. I’ve seen some other amazing short films with great CGI lately – the price must have dropped fairly low as long as it’s short lately. Great stuff.

What’s funny to me about that ending is that it’s exactly the type of scenario that I argued would happen when I got into an argument with an anarcho-capitalist type who was saying that private security companies in competition could replace the police a la L.Neil Smith. I told him what was more likely is that you’d get the “private security companies” carving up areas of territory gangland style, which is what you see in this film. He didn’t have an answer to it.

I tend to think it’s an unlikely scenario, because that kind of selective policing is much less effective at preventing and stopping crime than trying to stop crime in its entirety in a certain area. Even if you had a privatized police force, they’d likely end up being the solo force in a particular area, and then you’re just back at square one with a local police force being paid by local user fees.

Then again, we had a case here in the US where a fire department let a guy’s house burn down because the guy lived outside the boundaries and hadn’t been paying the utilities/county fees that he was supposed to be paying, so who knows.

I’m of the opinion that, like most privatised public services, you’d get cherry picking by private firms and the government (i.e. the tax payer) would have to prop up the worst areas.

Incidentally, we already have a sort-of private police force in the UK – it’s the City of London Police. The bankers have their own bespoke plods…

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