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Drakenfeld Reviews

A couple more of note, which are excellent blog fodder. (Besides, it’s been too lovely outside for me to spend much time finding interesting things online.)

First up, Mark Yon at SFF World enjoys the book:

As a Romanesque detective story – an “I-Sherlockius” perhaps? – there’s a lot to enjoy in this novel. I understand that Drakenfeld is the first of a series, if successful. I sincerely hope that that is the case. This is a solid, enjoyable page-turner with a wide appeal that I would personally like to read more of.

Sci-Fi Now magazine also likes it. It’s in print, so no link, but they conclude that the book is:

“… a richly written and always engaging work”

I’ll take that even if they did get my name wrong. Not the middle one, either…

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