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More Drakenfeld Blog Reviews

Remember when I did that call to new bloggers to get copies of Drakenfeld ARCs? It was partly to give airtime to new bloggers, who otherwise don’t get much exposure. But another handful of blog reviews of Drakenfeld have come in. Go visit these sites and tell them I sent you.

First up, The Tome said:

All in all Drakenfeld is a great novel to pick up if you are looking for something new. Its setting is fresh and exciting and extremely well done. If you want to be spirited away to a world that is different, this is the novel that might do it for you.

Zachary Bonelli said:

In short, I expected not to like Drakenfeld. I’m very happy to report that I, in fact, did enjoy and appreciate Drakenfeld immensely.

Fantasy Opinion was a big fan of the book:

I really like Mr. Newton’s writing style, and it makes his prose a joy to read. I’ve not read that many murder mystery novels, but I’m surely going to be following this series very closely. This is a very fun book that made me think back on it, well after I’ve read it. Now that is what I look for in a story.


Finally, Dom’s Fantasy Review Hotlist said:

Drakenfeld was a very enjoyable read, with a clever plot and intrigue that builds as the pages turn. New twists are added just as you start to feel comfortable with where the story is going, easily keeping your attention until the final page.

By Mark Newton

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