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An update on the Drakenfeld series, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m currently working through the edits for the second novel, and it’s going pretty well. The second book is another self-contained story set within a different nation of the Royal Vispasian Union (the continent in which the action happens). There’s a rolling history, much like in real life. I’m hoping to create a few of these novels that can be enjoyed in isolation, but which that have detailed rewards for those who follow the marco story. The aesthetics, the type of crime, and the mood are all different. It’s a lot darker, though Drakenfeld will always remain the optimistic beacon of civilisation – of the system – throughout it all.

The book is scheduled for an October release this year, with the paperback of Drakenfeld coming in July. Hopefully I’ll have more news on a Drakenfeld short story, too…

By Mark Newton

Born in 1981, live in the UK. I write about strange things.

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