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Drakenfeld Reviews

A few more reviews of Drakenfeld have been floating around the blogosphere. First up, the Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell really enjoyed it after not liking one of my previous books:

I must begin by saying that I did try to read another fantasy series by him and did not like that one at all. But I still gave this one a go and I am glad I did. It was different and really good.

It’s always nice to be given another chance. Secondly UK blogger Wertzone mostly enjoyed it:

… a compelling murder mystery novel with some great atmosphere and writing

Though he wasn’t a fan of the up-scaled ending. Also, somehow he concludes the continent of Vispasia is a little bigger than Italy, which is strange – for anyone who’s interested, I’d say it’s as broad as the whole of Europe. Right at the start, Drakenfeld takes a ship to travel many days from one part to another.

Finally, Sporadic Reads really enjoyed the book as well:

Aside from the world building, I also enjoyed the characters. Lucan Drakenfeld has an analytic mind , emphatic heart and a wicked sense of humor. He is one of the few in his profession who abhors violence and regrets using it even if its necessary. He isn’t perfect though as he has his flaws, he isn’t the best of fighters, though he is capable enough, hates travelling by sea and has a health condition he hides from others.

I’m also knee-deep in edits, hence the minimal blog activity of the past few days…

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