Allotment Updates

We are now, pretty much, in full swing. The grass seed, which was planted last autumn, has come up really well – giving much needed colour, as well as a sitting area for hot days. First early potatoes are now in the ground, as well as a few more onions. The manure has been dug in properly, so that should hopefully get the soil improving. It was also a tremendous afternoon to be working there. I remember this time last year, we spent most of the early months building beds and so forth. It’s been much more enjoyable in the second year.

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  1. Looking good! Which first early variety have you planted? And are you a chitter, or do you just chuck ’em in?

  2. These were ‘Rocket’, apparently, and they’d started to chit when we bought ’em, so it was straight in the ground!

  3. Ah, I’ve got 20 of those myself and 20 Swift as well. Plus second early and maincrop varieties… going big on spuds this year 🙂

  4. Spuds are great for making good use of an area, but I’m still reasonably low-carbing it for the year…!

  5. Where is this?! My back garden is still under 2 feet of snow!

  6. This was in Nottingham, England! No snow here…