So I’ve finally finished building all of the beds, about 14 months after we took on the plot. Here’s how it looked back then, by the way. Currently there are loads of seeds doing what seeds do, fruit bushes developing nicely, potatoes beginning to surface, and onions roaring away (well, where pheasants haven’t rooted them up out of curiousity). It’s been a much more gentle pace to the start of the growing year, so I’ve enjoyed the strike-force of robins that scour the earth for worms, the sparrow-hawk that scour the hedgerows for robins, and the field mouse that scampers along the hedgerow doing who-knows what. And the skylark song filling the air.

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  1. Looking good, mate. Looking good. But that field mouse, doing who-knows what… eating your pea shoots when your back’s turned, that’s what. Evil little beggars, field mice.

  2. Ah well. They can’t get into our greenhouse – yet – so they’re still in the ‘cute’ territory!

  3. That’s a lot of work! and a lot of life all around.

  4. It is a lot of work – but it’s the kind of work that feels real, if you know what I mean, and therefore not work!

  5. In French, we’ve got a saying : “the work is its own reward”. I think it applies here.