Allotment 2015

This is the first day this year we’ve ventured to the allotment. It’s always the worst day – it’s more about cleaning up from winter than gardening. But it was still satisfying. We managed to prune, compost, and put down plenty of woodchips for the path. That in itself made a huge psychological difference.

So nothing growing yet, but it’s ready to go. And I’d forgotten just how good and real the aches actually feel.

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  1. There’s something about the feel of a stripped-back, winter allotment plot that’s quite soothing. I think it’s because the weeds are all dormant and everything this else is poised and waiting to get going. Great time of year to take stock, make plans, get a feel for the lie of the land, etc.

  2. In a way, the couple of months before the weeds can grow and you mostly do planning are rather enjoyable. It gets a bit mad by May!