Allotment update

The first really nice day on the plot this year. Things are happening, but it’s a lot easier than the previous years because most of the structures are in place. Fruit bushes are starting to push through, as are the weeds. It’s more a case of tidying up, planting seeds, digging over beds ready for seedlings to go into the ground. Going there is more habit now. We’re looking to move house shortly so this year’s efforts are an attempt at low-maintenance growing; we’ll see how that goes. Still, it’s all very peaceful, and one of the few places to get away from distractions (on that note, this is an interesting read).

It’s nice to see some of the surrounding plots get transformed from overgrown messes to productive beds. I was speaking to a Romanian who has done some incredible work on his site – what looked as if a bomb had detonated underneath is now orderly land, with two sheds, and even a bit of a lawn for his children to play on. He has hopes of getting a polytunnel for next year, so that he can grow the crops that he’s more used to growing back in the warmer climate of Romania.

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  1. We’ve been really lucky with the weather lately, haven’t we? Mind you, it’s all starting to look a bit parched, so hopefully we’ll see a bit of rain before too long, eh?

  2. Yeah, we had to water the beds a bit – not quite what I was expecting to do in April!