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Did I mention that I’m going to be reviewing for Britain’s leading whisky publication, Whisky Magazine, next year? That means I’ll be paid to drink. Imagine that! It’s tougher than you think though… Anyway, given that many of you might not even know about my whisky website, that’s the route I took to get there. Building on my novel writing, blogging assiduously for five years, which then led to writing articles for the magazine. And hey presto! A great gig. I think that’s the thing with writing, no matter which direction you take: always build on what you’ve done before.

Anyway, in the meantime here are some things I’ve been up and tasting to in the world of whisky, if you’ve not been following the blog.

1) I went to the Diageo Special Releases event, which was an incredible opportunity to taste some rare whiskies.

2) My favourite whisky of the year, when value was taken into consideration, was The Macallan Edition No. 2, with second place going to the Kilkerran 12 Year Old.

3) Other good ones include this anCnoc 35 Years Old, a brilliant Bunnahabhain Moine Rum Cask, Glenfiddich Project XX, and the new Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1990. Oh, and the Ardbeg Twenty One was also very good – a new and rare Ardbeg from a time of limited production.

By Mark Newton

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3 replies on “Whisky Updates”

Huge congrats, mate! Thoroughly well done. I do wonder though: how many only-just-opened bottles of whisky have you got lying around the place by now? You’d need one of those half-globe drinks cabinets the size of a small semi-detached to store them all, surely? 🙂

Good to hear from you, sir! Been a while.

Well, I have an ordinary kitchen cabinet full at the moment of my own whiskies, but for Whisky Magazine they send you around 20 samples a month – not full bottles unfortunately! The samples are all blind-tasted too, so they only give me vague details about the location etc.

Ah, I see! Hey, imagine if they did that in publishing: “Here’s a chapter, not author or title, let us know what you think…”

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