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Weekend Adventuring

Cresswell Crags
Rufford Abbey
Major Oak
There’s some surprisingly nice places in Nottinghamshire. The top photo is of the lake at the centre of Creswell Crags, which were inhabited around the time of the last ice age. We took a look at some cave art, which might have been better preserved had the Victorians not ‘excavated’ with dynamite. The second picture is of Rufford Abbey, part of the Dukeries. And of course, that gnarly old beast is Major Oak.


Fresco from the villa of P. Fannio Sinistore in Boscoreale, 43-30 BCE.

I’ve been lucky enough to see many of the Ancient Roman frescos at the Met Museum in New York. They are, quite simply, astonishing – there is nothing quite as historically profound as being in a room surrounded by these vivid paintings. (I think I spent a day and a half in that museum.) The colours on this image look like they’ve been enhanced, but I actually like that. It feels a little more true to the original perhaps.