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Lux in Arcana

Images from the Vatican’s secret archive exhibition in Rome, Lux in Arcana, which I really wish I could visit. And of course, we all know that these are the archives the Vatican will permit the public to see, not the really juicy stuff. I wonder what delights they’re actually holding back from view? The mind boggles.

(Via Artdaily.)


Chrome Hill & Environs

First hike of the year. I chose wet, misty and practically gale force conditions to ascend Chrome Hill – a limestone reef knoll – and then continue in a big arc around the local area. Worth the effort of striding up through the mist, though it was pretty slippery up on those knife-edge rocks. Once the mist had cleared, the sun opened up to give that spectacular light you only ever see in the Peak District or Yorkshire Dales.


Map of an Englishman

By Grayson Perry, 2004. A psychogeographical map of the artist’s mind:

Etched in a mock-Tudor style, an imaginary island, vaguely reminding the form of the brain, is surrounded by the seas of Perry’s psychological flaws (Schizophrenia, Delirium, Anorexia Nervosa), while the countryside is defined by the artist’s “prejudices, fears, desires and vanities” in the shape of the counties of “Sex”, “Tender”, “Cliche” or “Dreams”.

Click to see all the detail on the larger version.