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Knightmare TV Show Remake

THIS was the stuff of my childhood. I must have watched all the episodes and, at one point, I certainly had all the game books. It was my first interaction with the fantasy genre. And now it’s been remade for Geek Week. Hit play!


The Lowest Heaven – Ebook & Paperback

That rather nifty anthology I’ve mentioned before, and in which I have a story called “Magnus Lucretius”, is now out in ebook and paperback. A couple of reviews here and here.

Here’s a list of where you can buy a copy:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Forbidden Planet UK (these are signed, and it is Independent Booksellers Week).

Kindle US

Kindle UK


The National Maritime Museum also has a hearty stock of them alongside the Visions of the Universe exhibition.

Plus, Goodreads.

Loads of great stories are ready to be read. Click! Go!


Harassment at Conventions

There are some important pieces doing the rounds at the moment concerning sexual harassment at SFF conventions. Read what Maria Dahvana Headley has to say. Then read this essay on Scalzi’s blog. And then this from Mary Robinette Kowal and this by Cherie Priest.

And if you think the problem concerns just a small, maybe even older geek demographic, read this.

And then throw your hands up in despair.


Tor UK Authors @ Pan Macmillan Summer Party

Tor Authors
This was taken on Monday night, when Pan Macmillan held their summer party. The photo was stolen shamelessly from my editor’s Facebook page. Left to right, Paul Cornell, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Julie Crisp (our editor), Adam Nevill, me and Peter F. Hamilton. A fantastic night and great to chat to folk who work very hard behind the scenes. There were a few bits of gossip, too, none of which I can share.