Jeff Buckley

At last, a video of Jeff Buckley that those bastards at Sony haven’t stamped their authoritarian copyright on.



Owen & Sufjan

Still waiting for both these guys to come to the UK.




Feist—Gatekeeper (Paris) & Some Dude Hating Second-Hand Books

I think I love her. Yes, I really think I do.


And this piece in the Guardian, where some dude is discussing his hatred of second-hand books. You have to admit, he might have a point on one or two of the matters.

It’s all those stains, thumbprints and creases that get me so queasy. I’m far from a gentle reader and by the time I’ve taken in the first few chapters of any brand-new tome, it will often be creased and coffee-stained beyond recognition. But they will be my creases and my stains, and that’s what matters.

I hear you, bro.


Death Cab For Cutie

A slightly new direction. A more upbeat feel. Same slightly ambient alternative melancholy.