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The edit for A Death Devine, first in the Lucan Drakenfeld series, has arrived, which means in ten days time I’ll start to feel like Bill Murray in Rushmore (which, incidentally, I always feel like watching at this time of year). I both love and hate edits. I’m one of those authors that loves being […]

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Third to First

Person, that is, not bases or gears. I’m not going to talk about what you should use third or first person voice for – you make your own rules on that. These are just a few thoughts on why I decided to change from third person to first for the new Drakenfeld series, which will […]

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Tor UK DRM-Free eBooks now available from

From my overlords at Tor UK: From today, Tor UK, Pan Macmillan’s science fiction and fantasy imprint, has made its ebooks DRM-free and available to purchase from and, as well as through other retailers. In a move announced earlier this year, Tor UK has joined sister company Tor Books in New York in removing […]