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Mourning Wasp & Mind Meld

I’ve written a post on the Tor UK blog about China’s challenge, where he would sketch out some fabulous creature, and I would have to write it into The Broken Isles. I could of course be flexible in these decisions, as there was no small print – I merely took delivery of the wasp. As […]

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Time & Writing

Recently I recalled what it was like when I had first sold Nights of Villjamur to Pan Macmillan, way back in January 2008. At the time, I had to wait a year and a half until that book was published. I was 26 years old (nearly 27) when I got that deal, which means I […]

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Review of The Broken Isles

There’s a lovely review of The Broken Isles over at Fantasy Faction: As always in a Mark Newton book, there are many underlying issues that get the reader thinking as they read along. The differences in culture and racial discrimination inherent in people is prominent in the dealings with the newly arrived peoples fighting alongside […]