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Proof Copies Arrive

After marching around the house preparing to curse the postman for every minute he was late, they arrived. Here, finally, are the proofs (advance reading copies) of Nights of Villjamur. (Thanks, Julie!) It’s not quite the final product, but it will certainly do for me. This, incidentally, will be sent out to various reviewers, in […]

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The Investigator

The hardest cynic, the investigator thought, is often fundamentally the most romantic person, because they so often feel let down by the world. He couldn’t detect much romance in himself today, but all the cynicism he could wish for. He could hear the rain driving against the old stone walls. He liked the sound: it […]

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Cover Art

Here it is, the cover to Nights of Villjamur. Thanks to Chloe at Pan Macmillan for sending this on. The artwork is by Benjamin Carre, a rather talented man. Somehow I was incredibly fortunate to have the artist I suggested be used, since some of his other work really captured the mood of Villjamur. There’s […]