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Book Updates

I’ve just heard from Chloe and Julie at Pan Macmillan that book proofs / ARCs of Nights of Villjamur should be ready by the end of the month to go out to reviewers so they can pull it to pieces. Woohoo! This book was sold almost a year ago exactly; it seems forever to get […]

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Yellowcard—Lights And Sounds / Updates

It’s been a busy few days, what with drinking far too much working on another wave of edits for Nights of Villjamur. I have two editors at Macmillan, which means two worlds of pain lots of notes to think about. A lot of people have contacted me regarding the book and ARCs, and I’m hacking […]

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From The Cutting Room #3

As the sun rose lazily over Villjamur, Investigator Jeryd left his house in the Kaiho district. He walked past Gulya Gata, down alongside the markets near Gata du Oak, Hotel Villjamur, and the inn called the Dryad’s Saddle. There were a few eccentric shops down this way, high end purveyors of drugs and erotica, where […]