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On Pinterest

So, I’m on Pinterest now. I’m a bit of a late-comer, but I really like its layout. It’s ideal for being a scrapbook (I guess that’s what it is anyway), but that’s a nice form of micro-blogging. I find it a little more personal than Twitter, and more interesting by a long way than the […]

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Romanes eunt domus?

I’ve been learning Latin for the past five months and I’m enjoying every moment of it. Don’t ask me to say anything, because I barely can on request. With help from my partner (she went to a fancy school and knows it already), I’m learning from the Cambridge Latin Course, which is fantastic. The way […]

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First Drakenfeld Novel: Finished

So, that’s a wrap. I’ve sent in the finished manuscript for the first Drakenfeld novel, tentatively titled A Death Divine (though that’s not confirmed yet). What’s it about? Well, if I could summarise that in a paragraph, I probably wouldn’t have written a book; so I take it as a good sign that I can’t. […]