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Given I’ve a book out, I am in your internets. Firstly, I’m at the Book Smugglers, talking about the need to move on from violence and gritty fantasy, which was part of the reason I wrote Drakenfeld in the first place. Secondly, I wrote a guest post at Tor UK, talking about great books on […]

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Literary Formulas

Nick Mamatas has some very interesting things to say about literary fiction: “As is well known, literary fiction is not taken very seriously by superior readers because the form is essentially formula. The protagonists are stock characters, a small handful of dramatic situations are raked over time and again, innovation is despised and mere competence […]

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Bookshop Cat

This cat lives a better life than most of us. It spends its days pottering around an old bookshop in the Peak District, looking out the window at the duck pond and, most probably, getting the odd cake crumb from the tea room.