Recent Whisky Reviews

Whisky galore
Over on my whisky site, I’ve been trying quite a few indie bottlings of late. The first is from Braeval distillery, a cheeky little 15 year old in Douglas Laing & Co’s ‘Old Particular series.

Next up, another two from Cadenhead – a Glen Elgin-Glenlivit 22 year old, and one from Tobermory distillery.

There’s been a blend, too – an amazing value bottle (£15!) I bought from the Bruichladdich distillery shop last year.

And finally, a cracking new peated whisky from anCnoc distillery – the Flaughter.


Life on a little wooden boat

Just a short film about a man called David Welsford, who has given up all the luxuries of land for life aboard an old wooden boat. Exactly the thing you wanted to see on a Monday morning.


Ad: Buy My Volvo

Probably the best personal car ad you’ll ever see. I have a soft spot for these cars, since my very first vehicle was a rust-bucket of a Volvo 340. To this day I have no idea how it ever passed its MOT. Eventually the exhaust fell off and the petrol tank had a hole in it.



“The reed is considered the part of Oboe playing that makes it so difficult. Slight variations in temperature, altitude, weather, and climate will change a perfectly working reed into an unplayable collection of cane.”