The Best & Worst Media Errors in 2013

A fine list of newspaper errors and corrections from last year. I rather liked this one from the Huffington Post:

An earlier version of this story indicated that the Berlin Wall was built by Nazi Germany. In fact, it was built by the Communists during the Cold War.

There’s a serious side to this, of course, in that the apology rarely gets as much coverage as the initial error. That error then becomes considered fact by culture at large. Well, perhaps with the exception of the one quoted above…


Quote: Footsteps are silent in the snow

Footsteps are silent in the snow, you only hear the sniff-sniff as they pass. The silence and the snow, yet many people: it is almost uncanny; a sort of numb mingling, dream-death-like; and a touch of the medieval in the hoods that all the women and children wear. And men wearing knitted helmets like Norman chain mail.

— Adrian Bell, on a wartime trip, in Apple Acre.


Pilger on Radio 4 Today

When this was about to come on the radio this morning, I raised an eyebrow. Pilger is one of the great radical journalists, highly critical of governments. That he was on the BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today Program, talking about censorship and the corporatisation of journalism, was surprising to say the least.

Afterwards it was marvellous to see part of the establishment get wound up. Some media outlets, such as the Daily Mail, were in essence leaping to the defence of the State. The irony that many were attacking the ‘left-wing’ BBC (personally I find those left and right labels not very useful in 2014 anyway) for not censoring something that criticised the BBC and the British government, and selective censorship in media, was not wasted on me.

Anyway – Pilger’s always worth a listen. It’s a shame there are few journalists like him today.