Recent Whisky Reviews

You know the score by now – here are a few links of what I’ve been writing about on my other site. First up, the blends: Johnnie Walker Black Label (it’s very good) and Teacher’s Highland Cream (okay, for what it costs).

Then the single malts: a old Bruichladdich bottle that I bought on an online auction site (there are loads for whisky); and a treat to myself, the Dalmore King Alexander III. And finally, a single grain whisky from a closed distillery.


At what moment are you dead?

Randall Hayes delves into the scientific theories concerning the age-old questions of death and resurrection. Kind of runs on from the last post (just to add some further cheer at this time of year).


Confessions of a Mortician

It’s probably not the most merry thing to read at this time of year, but it’s a fascinating piece. Eric Puchner meets a sixth-generation funeral director, who would like to help everyone understand something uncomfortable: death.

I knew almost nothing about what happens to Americans after they’ve breathed their last. Astonishing, if you think about it: that a person could live half his life without coming face-to-face with the one thing that unites us all.

Read the rest.


Lyme Bay

A much needed trip to the coast at the weekend – at Lyme Regis. A fascinating place from a geological and literary perspective. Read books, sipped whisky with friends, and walked along the coast looking at skies like this. Two days wasn’t enough, but it was good for the soul.