Nights of Villjamur – Audio

Behold, 14 discs of fantasy fiction: Rather tasty, no? You can listen to a sample here. Steven Crossley is a fantastic narrator. I’ve had a quick listen to some of the tracks and it all sounds good so far – all names correctly pronounced, which is the main thing. It’s very surreal hearing your own […]

Audiobook Updates

I don’t know how many covers this book will spawn, but there’s another out in the wild. I’m afraid I haven’t yet found out the name of the artist. Pretty, no? It looks cold up there. The audiobook will be available at the end of the month from Tantor Media, in mp3 as well as […]

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Nights of Villjamur Audiobook

My US overlord, Chris Shluep at Random House, just emailed me with some rather splendid news, and that is Tantor Media will be producing an audio version of Nights of Villjamur. So for those of you with reading difficulties, or who prefer to listen to audiobooks on commutes for your SF and Fantasy fix, or […]