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Apple Wine

I know you love my garden/chutney-making escapades, so here’s a little more domestic nonsense. I’ve moved to the half-way stage of homebrewing some apple wine. It seems to be a pretty simple process: boiling up a couple of kilos of apples (Blenheim Orange) and then letting it simmer away. Tip it into a fermenting bin, […]


Travels & Embargoes

I went to London to have dinner the chap on the left, China (and rather randomly, Tony Blackburn was seated nearby in the restaurant). Then shortly after we met up with the lady on the right, who is covering her face. That’s our editor, Julie, who disappointingly did not turn up in her Halloween costume […]

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Convention Updates

I’ll be at Fantasycon this weekend. I’m on a panel on Sunday at 10-10.45am entitled “New kids on the block”, which I’ll assume has everything to do with the boyband. Watch out for as many song references as possible if you’re there. Other than that, by schedule is as follows: Friday-Sunday: “Bar” I’ll also be […]