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Soho Crime

Isn’t it great when you find a great range of books branded from one imprint? I love these books, even though I’ve only read a few. They’re imports from the US-based imprint Soho Crime. Some are out of print classics of the genre, some are translations, others are more recent English language releases. All have […]

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Recent Reading – More Crime

More crime, more studying the form. One book of note in my attempt to dig ever deeper in the psyche of the genre – The Return of the Dancing Master. I don’t know why, but lately I’ve found crime (and spy thrillers) to really float my boat. The engine of the novel keeps the logic-driven […]

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Wallander, Writing Misery

I’ve very much enjoyed the new season of Wallander, on the BBC. I prefer Kenneth Branagh’s portrayal of Kurt Wallander over any of the international versions. What’s more, this adaptation is visually beautiful. The unusual shots, the strange colour tone, the wonderful vistas – it’s immensely pleasing to the eye. I am a big fan […]