Notes From Nowhere

A dark valley that retains a near perfect stillness against the quick-moving clouds. Winter has stripped the land of any dignity. A lattice of dry-stone wall across the hills. Drizzle, gathering in huge drops; poised beneath strips of fencing, and from the tips of trees. Disused barns, or sheds, or storehouses, their roof tiles blighted […]

Savernake Forest, Wiltshire

Savernake Forest, just outside of Marlborough. November. The colour becomes intense, the light always more hazy because of the height of the sun. What a combination. Wind runs through channels here, along the straight paths, gathering momentum, and it dominates your stride. Surprisingly, there is next to no one around; you would have thought better […]

Fine Line

Another reason that DeLillo is the finest writer alive. I might do more of these. They wrote for roughly twenty minutes and then each, in turn, read aloud what he or she had written. Sometimes it scared her, the first signs of halting response, the losses and failings, the grim prefigurings that issued now and […]