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Glenfarclas 15 Years Old

Continuing the trend of whisky posts, and in the vague hope that one day I’ll be sent freebies, here’s a whisky review – I’ll keep it brief, don’t worry.

The Glenfarclas 15 is a beast of a whisky – what’s more, it smells and tastes absolutely like Christmas cake (I wafted it under my girlfriend’s nose and she’s insistent that it’s with the icing on top). When you taste it there are plenty of dried fruits and sherry; the peat isn’t that prominent, but then again I have recently been drinking Laphroaig and Ardbeg, so probably wouldn’t notice. It has a real weight in the mouth, too, treacly and oily, and it just hangs on your taste-buds while you dream of a warm fire and distant, rolling landscapes. Delicious. It’s Christmas in a glass.

Jim Murray, guru of whisky reviews (and who uses a points system – nose, taste, finish and complexity – that I wish to be adopted by book reviewers), awarded the Glenfarclas 15 a stonking 95 points in this year’s Whisky Bible, which puts it up there with some of the best single malts in the world at the moment.

Glenfarclas is located here, in Speyside, and has been making whisky since 1865. I hope they keep at it for many years to come.