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Denial and the Heartland

Incase you hadn’t yet seen it, a right-wing think-tank has been reported as funding climate change denial on a massive scale:

The inner workings of a libertarian thinktank working to discredit the established science on climate change have been exposed by a leak of confidential documents detailing its strategy and fundraising networks…

The papers indicate that discrediting established climate science remains a core mission of the organisation, which has received support from a network of wealthy individuals – including the Koch oil billionaires as well as corporations such as Microsoft and RJR Tobacco.

Essentially, as these reports are suggesting, scientists (who are not climate scientists) are being paid to spread lies throughout the media and to even stop science being taught in schools, by rewriting various courses. Those who read environmental news all thought this kind of thing went on, but this appears to be the money trail that demonstrates it. The Guardian does a splendid job in revealing who gets paid what. This is making headlines all over the world, too, which is much needed – climate change denial tends to bleed into the US, Australian and British media.

I hope this gets back to the UK very soon. The BBC (which have not yet covered the news item) always wheels out Nigel Lawson, climate change denier extraordinaire, to talk about the environment. I’m not sure why, because he knows nothing about the environment. However, Lawson works for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which has connections to the Heartland Institute. That connection will be under scrutiny, I hope.

Always follow the money…

EDIT: The BBC has now reported this. Also, the Heartland Institute has also responded with the classic smoke and mirrors technique:

Those persons who posted these documents and wrote about them before we had a chance to comment on their authenticity should be ashamed of their deeds, and their bad behavior should be taken into account when judging their credibility now and in the future.