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Twitter Q&A

Just a heads-up that on Thursday, 6pm UK time, I’ll be doing a Twitter Q&A with the folk at Tor UK (and anyone else who wants to pitch in). The hashtag for the session will be #MarkAtTor. So if you’re online, do say hello!

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Interviews & Links

There’s a brief chat with me over at Rowena Cory Daniels’ blog, in which I say Many Things, and talk a little bit more about the new series: The lead character, Lucan Drakenfeld, is a bit like a young lawyer-slash-detective, and certainly the polar opposite of a private eye (if anything, he’s a public eye). […]

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Genre Yearnings & Interview

I was chatting with a friend the other day about crime fiction and the differences with it and fantasy fiction. Soon I began to wonder if fantasy is really a genre at all. (For today, let’s just leave out the whole ‘marketing categories’ and ‘genres aren’t a useful term to assign individual books’ debates.) In […]