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University Club Library, New York City

University Club Library – New York City
I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated – or had significant updates! – but publishing and writing is slow… I’ve been buried in structural novel edits from my publisher, along with writing and researching quite a few articles for Whisky Magazine (I’m very much enjoying non-fiction). I’m actually reading quite a bit these days as well, which makes a change; I’m two-thirds of the way through Anthony Trollope’s Barchester novels, and enjoying them a lot. Anyway, for now, here’s a picture of University Club Library, in New York City. I’m sure even Kindle readers can appreciate this.


The Walker Library

“A visit to the Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination is a celebration of human invention. The Library contains some 20,000 volumes and hundreds of museum-level books, manuscripts, maps and artifacts. These precious objects are housed in a unique setting that is itself a work of art.”

“The architecture of the vast room was inspired by the mind-bending designs of artist M.C. Escher; it features multilevel tiers, “floating” platforms, connecting stairways, a glass bridge, illuminated glass panels, dynamic lighting, and specially commissioned art and music.”