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More onions

And that’s the rest of the Senshyu onions from the garden. This was actually a bit of a gamble, as I planted them in the front garden (it’s not very big) – so anyone walking by could have dug them up. Apparently, not many people know what onions look like when they’re growing, so it turned out to be a pretty good idea. There’s some garlic out there, too, and some shallots, but I don’t think they’ve worked very well at all. Senshyu onions seem to love the rain; just as well really.


Senshyu Onions

‘Senshyu’ onions are a Japanese overwintering variety. There’s not much else going on in the garden (for those of you outside of the UK, you lucky things, it’s been incredibly dark and wet). But at least these onions aren’t bothered – these are a few we’ve rooted up in between the downpours. What this picture doesn’t tell you, though, is just how aromatic they are…