Remix Project: Story Four

The Remix Project continues. The next story is from Anna Wildheit. In her email Anna said that she’s tried to make the story hers with regards to “rhythm, words, flavor, moving things about for the sake of interior decorating, you name it.” And there is more detail on her blog: Naturally, I read the original […]

Remix Project: Story Three

Now here’s an interesting one, this time from Adrian Faulkner, who discusses his approach on his blog. One of the things I really liked about Mark’s story was the mix of Urban and fantastical elements. I liked how it was Nike trainers and Hugo boss shirts, with ghostly tigers and spectral eagles. I wanted to […]

Remix Project: First Entry

The first of the remixes are in, and this was by Martin Lewis. An interesting approach – not so much re-writing, but edited and processed in a different order, which gives it a different tone, and makes it perhaps little leaner than the original. Thoughts? Edit: Martin explains the process. Politicians Have Other Things To […]