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Roman Shipwreck

A 2000 Year Old shipwreck has been found off the coast of northern Italy. The wreck comes from between 100 B.C. and 100 A.D. which is, let’s face it, the juiciest period of Roman history. Here’s Pluto, the submersible craft, pottering around for amphorae. I’m not sure video production is this team’s strong point, but […]


Meeting real Romans

I’ve very much enjoyed Mary Beard’s latest documentary series, Meet the Romans. To viewers familiar with Roman history, here are no great revelations here – then again, that’s not the point. There are no detailed biographies of great emperors, though there are amusing anecdotes. Instead, Beard’s deeply accessible reconstruction of Roman culture is about those […]

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Roman Vindolanda

Roman Vindolanda is well worth your time. Just south of Hadrian’s Wall, it was a frontier fort and village, occupied for over 300 years. It’s constantly spurting archeological treasures, such as the famous Vindolanda Writing Tablets, which are the oldest surviving handwritten documents in the UK, and the oldest one written in Latin by a […]