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A new addition to my writing tools. Surely the only way for a writer to carry their laptop is within an antique hardcover book? Yes, I know it’s pretentious – it’s also marvellous, admit it.


Scrivener for Windows

Earlier this year I wrote about how I used Scrivener on the Mac as my main writing tool:

It’s a great piece of kit and has changed the way I write. I was skeptical at first – how could a bit of software change that? – but it’s helped me plan in more detail and structure my novels. With all the notes to hand, in a very simple-to-use way, I’d say it’s helped me just relax into the writing each night.

Well, Scrivener has now launched a version for PC (Windows) users, and you can try it for free for 30 days.

Give it a shot: it really did help me become a vastly more organised writer.